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If you own shares that are listed on the ASX, then you can arrange loans against the value of those shares. You can use the funds to purchase more shares, property, other investments, or any business purpose.

Don't sell shares that you have accumulated over many years to fund a short term need. That can affect your capital gains tax liability, possibly lose the reduction in tax for shares held for over 12 months, miss out on dividends, lose capital appreciation on the shares, and possibly disadvantage you in a number of other ways.

Simply supply us with a list of your shares, and we will be able to calculate your borrowing ability for your share holding.

You can start a portfolio for as little as $1000. Invest wisely and watch the value of your shares grow.

CARE - We suggest you obtain professional advice on this product, and especially ensure that you are well informed about possible "calls" in the event of a share price fall.

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